December 30th, 2013

A Personal Look At Illegal Immigration

For several years my daughter was good friends with a Mexican-American guy. We didn't ask, and he didn't say, but he was almost certainly here illegally, based on his inability to get a driver's license in spite of graduating from a local high school and several other indicators. As his case indicates, the immigration issue gets complex when you look at the specifics.

My daughter's friend has been here since he was 12 and is thoroughly American in everything except the piece of paper. He hangs out with mostly non-Hispanics and has mostly American geek hobbies. His younger brother, who was nine when he came over, has mostly forgotten how to speak Spanish, and has trouble communicating with his mom, who speaks almost exclusively Spanish.  The two youngest kids in the family are both American citizens, born here.

The family has been an eye-opener to the complexities of the immigration mess we've allowed to develop so the one-percent can have cheap labor. Collapse )