December 27th, 2013

What Have I Been Up To?

This has been a productive but unfocused three months for me. I started with an ambitious plan to line-edit Mars Looks Different and There Will Always Be An England, getting them ready to finish as my NaNoWriMo projects, then do final edits on the Exchange sequel, getting it published by late October/early November. That would let me focus on finishing the other two novels for NaNo.

Not much of that plan worked as expected, though I worked hard on it. I spent a couple weeks editing Mars, and chopped out close to 25,000 useless words. The result is much better than it was, but it revealed something: the stuff that I wrote back in 2010 was enormously better than what I wrote originally (the spring of 2003) It was like stick figures on a white chalkboard suddenly becoming people in a movie, then lapsing back to stick figures. Disconcerting to say the least. Line-editing made the stick figures move more smoothly, but they’ll need a lot more work, maybe rewriting, to make them seem as real as I want them to.

So, after a couple weeks I abandoned the Mars project for the time being. That left getting the Exchange sequel published. I made good progress on that, but one of my beta readers pointed out several plot flaws I hadn’t picked up on, and that required a fairly extensive rewrite. I got most of the way through the rewrite, but NaNoWriMo came up. I thought about skipping NaNo this time, and finishing the edits, but I’m always so productive in November with new writing, so I decided to go with NaNo.

I wrote a little over 83,000 words in November, roughly 74,000 on a new novel (The Galveston Run--an AH novel set in a time-line where the conquistadors set up an independent kingdom in New Spain) and around 9000 on trying to finish There Will Always Be An England. I'm still around 10,000 words away from done on Always Be An England.

The score from all this: None of my existing novels finished or published, but now I have a new novel to polish, once I get the others out the door. I guess that’s not too bad for a few month’s work, though it would have been nice to have another book published.
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