November 11th, 2013


Having a bit of insomnia after a science fiction convention followed by a three-hour nap.

I'm deep into NaNoWriMo at the moment, 37,441 words into the 50,000 so far. I'm hoping to break 40,000 tomorrow. Then it will be downhill the rest of the way. I always obsess on NaNo for the first week to ten days, trying to make sure I don't miss the goal and writing ridiculous, unhealthy amounts. WindyCon (science fiction convention) always hits about ten days to two weeks in and breaks my momentum.

So far I've never had trouble writing 50,000 words in the month (knock on wood). I usually end up with 75k-85k. NaNo is a tremendous motivator, but it does have the drawback of giving me a backlog of mostly finished novel rough drafts that I then feel obligated to edit and polish and publish. The drawback there is that I haven't figured out how to edit novels anywhere near as fast as I can write them, so I still have stuff from four or in two cases even ten years ago that are mostly written, have potential but I haven't managed to get them to market yet or even seriously try.

My score so far: Two novels published. Three more pretty close to publishable-complete and mostly edited but with some tweaking still to do. Another one at the complete rough draft stage. Two more close to a complete rough draft. And by the end of the month I should have another nearly complete rough draft. This one started out as two interlinked novellas that would complete a trilogy of novellas, each set in a different alternate history Galveston. The first novella seems to be morphing into a short novel though, with 37,000+ words so far and probably at least 20k to go.