August 18th, 2013

The Last Several Months of Writing

I wrote a little bit about what have I been up to a week ago, but wanted to give a little more detail. Frankly, I've spent a lot of time writing, but used the time poorly. I've been trying to write or edit too many things at once. I did get an e-book only short-story collection/e-book equivalent of a DVD extras disc for my novel Exchange out the door. That's not bad, but I was hoping to get a lot more done.

Stories or novels I've worked (writing or editing) on in the last four or five months:

Char (novel): A brilliant young woman from a primitive alternate timeline is accidentally thrust into Wisconsin woods, in the middle of a midnight paintball game. A series of cultural misunderstandings leads to a murder, and suddenly a young woman who has never dealt with anything more complicated than an extended family group and throwing a spear has to elude the police and figure out enough of our society to survive. Char is a very smart woman and she has some tricks up her sleeve, but how much can even the most brilliant person figure out about a modern industrial society in a few weeks while she's on the run?  I think I posted an excerpt several years ago. I did some editing a few months ago, but it is still not quite ready.

New Galveston: (novella) Sort of a reverse Darwinia. In the spring of 1939, six months before World War II was set to start, the New World of 1939 disappears. Instead of the United States, Mexico, etc, the new version of the New World continents are inhabited by Indians who have spent the nearly 450 years since Columbus should have shown up totally isolated from the big civilizations of the Old World, and developing in their own way. The story is set in New Galveston, now a base for parts of the US navy that were at sea at the time of the change. Hitler and company are scheming with local Indians and a resurgent Aztec empire to grab Mexican and Texas oil. The Aztecs are using German guns to reconquer an empire that fell apart hundreds of years before, regaining their ancient glory. New Galveston is in the way of both German and Aztec ambitions. US counterintelligence thinks there is a German or Aztec spy ring operating in the Wiki-up district, a mostly Indian red-light district that has grown up around New Galveston. They dangle Otho Gentry, a soldier with a wanderlust that has repeatedly gotten him in trouble with the army, as bait for the spy ring to recruit. I'm aiming for a 1940s hard-boiled detective feel for this one. The rough draft kicked my butt for nearly a month, but I finally finished it. Now to let it cool for a while, then edit it.
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