August 11th, 2013

Another Long Hiatus/Midway Aftermath?

I had no idea it had been over two months since I posted here until I stopped by to check out where I stopped on my Midway AH analysis.
I've been busy finishing up a novel and a novelette and have been devoting all my writing time to that. I finished both of them and am eager to get going on the Midway project again, hopefully in the next couple days. In the meantime, here are a few stray thoughts that didn't get into the last installment of the Midway AH:

Other options: In addition to possibly going after the Chinese Nationalists and the Soviets, the Japanese looked at invading India after their success in Burma. The major problem was logistics, which were awful in Burma, especially during the monsoon season, which started in June/July and made large-scale movements there extremely difficult for nearly six months.

They might also have decided to continue and intensify a nasty near-genocidal campaign called the "Three All" ("kill all, burn all, and destroy all") against the Chinese Communists that they started after the Communists showed their teeth in the 100 Regiments offensive in the fall of 1940. The 100 Regiments offensive embarrassed the Japanese and caused some damage. The Japanese responded to Chinese Communist "swim in an ocean of peasants" tactics by attempting to drain the ocean of peasants and managed to kill or drive out millions of Chinese from the Communist influenced areas. Those efforts reduced Communist strength temporarily, but lost steam when the military power was needed elsewhere.