April 10th, 2013

Coming Off a Long Hiatus

I realized this morning that it had been a while since I posted here, but was amazed when I stopped by and realized it had been over two months. Time seems to be moving faster for me these days. Part of the problem is the Internet, which can ease the days and weeks and months away as though they were hours. Part of it is simply that as I get older perceived time accelerates.

Teenagers will never understand their parents for a lot of reasons, but one of the important ones is differing perspectives on time. For most teenagers, a month or two is the future, all of it most of them care about deep-down. For parents, a month or two is trivial, a tiny piece of a fast-moving life.

Time blurs memories. It also blurs friendships. I tend to lose friends not by big arguments but by slow erosion. The calls and e-mails become less frequent, then rare, then one of us changes addresses or phone numbers and doesn't make the effort to remain reachable. The years fly by. Their lives and mine go on. Probably in both of our minds we're still friends, but we grow or shrink in different directions, to the point where I wouldn't recognize them in the street.

Oh well. Enough navel-gazing. I'm still writing, still polishing, still planning to get books to market. I'm hoping that this will be the year that you see a flood of books with my name on them, but I hoped for that last year. I did get one new book published in 2012 (All Timelines Lead to Rome) and self-pubbed a much-improved version of American Indian Victories. This year I would like to get essentially the entire backlog of novels I've been working on out there, so I can in good conscience start on new stuff. Wish me luck on that.