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A Serious Social Networking Addiction?
I discovered social networking sites through a writing contest on Gather.com back in March, and I'm afraid I've become seriously addicted to them.  So why am I starting to post on LJ?  It seems to have a strong science fiction contingent, and I've been looking for on-line groups of people to share that interest with since the old GEnie on-line service imploded over a decade ago.  Also, I went to Penguicon with Jim Rittenhouse a little over a week ago and attended a LiveJournal session.  I came away impressed by what I saw.

Gather does have a Science Fiction community, but so far it is relatively small and there are not a lot of very active heavy-hitters.  Hopefully that will change.  I like a lot of things about how Gather is set up.  I put the first four chapters of my sort-of alternate history novel Char up on Gather and got very helpful feedback on it.

In any case, I'll be posting on LJ from time to time, and looking to connect with fellow members who are into science fiction and especially Alternate History.