dalecoz (dalecoz) wrote,

That Didn't Last Long- My New Year's Resolution on Blogging

A bit of harsh reality: Blogs that don't get updated regularly--at least once a week and hopefully every day--don't get a lot of traffic. Even if people like what you say, they don't keep coming back if you stop posting for weeks or months at a time. I understand that, and one of my New Year's resolutions was to blog every day this year. I got a running start by blogging the last few days of 2015, then got the first day done and posted on New Year's day. That string of posts lasted precisely one day into the New Year, after which I missed the next four days.

Conclusion: Blogging every day is hard when you have a life and you're trying to write fiction in your spare time and you're trying to get back in shape after the hollidays, etc, etc. Modified resolution: I'll try to do better. I may not post every day, but I'll post at least a couple times per week when I have something to say.

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