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After Kindle Scout, What Next?
My Kindle Scout campaign for Char ends tonight. What am I planning to do next?

Char will make it to market one way or the other later this year. After that, I have a backlog of other books that should be hitting the virtual shelves late this year or in the first half of next year.

The next book out should be an anthology of essays and stories tentatively called "Alternate Animals". It's sort of like American Indian Victories, a collection of mostly Alternate History scenarios and stories, but in this case the stories involve animals that either died out or never developed in reality playing a major role. Is this alternate history or alternate biology? Sometimes it's a mix of the two. In any case, these are some of the stories and essays I like best among the ones I've written, and I want to make them more accessible. All the stories are written and most have been edited. They just need final edits and some cleanup. Goal: To have this out in mid-December.

Next up: Probably "Galveston Run." It's a prequel to my novel Snapshot and in many ways a far better story. It's set in the 1990s in a Snapshot (think Alternate Reality with some twists) where the Spanish conquistadors set up independent kingdoms in Mexico after the conquest, creating a hybrid Spanish/Indian culture. The Snapshot setup allows a unique set of interactions between a sort of modern US and this culture. It's a lot of fun--a surviving Tsarist Russia competing with a version of the US over the conquistador-led timeline in something very much like the Great Game between Britian and Russia. The rough draft is finished and most of the editing is done. However the last ten thousand words or so needs a total rewrite, so I'm guessing this one won't make it out until January or February 2016.

After that, I'm hoping to get another American Indian Victories collection out the door, this one with a higher percentage of fiction. The original American Indian Victories has, surprisingly, been the easiest sale among my books over the years. It has a niche, not a large one, but a solid one that eagerly buys it. Hopefully, I can give that niche more of what they want. I have most of the essays and stories writen for this one, but it needs a lot of editing. Figure some time in the first half of 2016 if all goes well.

I've often been overly optomistic about what I can achieve, but I'm hoping to get at least one more novel out the door in 2016: One tentatively titled "There Will Always Be An England." It has an unlikely premise: Two weeks after D-day, the Germans manage to send 1944-era Britain back to the last interglacial, swapping it for the version from about 125,000 years ago. This story is a lot of fun. I play it totally straight once I do the impossible swap--with everything happening as close to what really would have happened as my knowledge of World War II history and logistics can make it. People who have seen the preliminary manuscript love this one. World War II is always popular. Add in a Britain trying to survive in a world inhabited by Neanderthals and a bunch of cool mysteries as to how Britain is able to exist back there without wiping out its future self and hopefully this one will be a winner. The rough draft is almost done, and most of it is edited but some major characters are currently about a millimeter thick, not even cardboard, so I need to flesh them out more.

I have other projects in the pipeline, including the rough draft of another Snapshot novel, the sequel to the one I currently have out there. It needs a lot of work, and it's unlikely that I'll get it out before the end of next year.

So hopefully five more books out there in a year and two months. That's ambitious, but I think it's doable. I hope you enjoy the additonal books as much as I'm enjoying writing them.